Toppers Galore: Decorating Your Christmas Cake

Christmastime is one of the biggest baking seasons of the year — with cookie exchanges, food gifts, and parties of all kinds. If you’d like to make a dessert that’s eons above the “same old same old” pies or puddings, think cake — and take a look at these designs for some great ideas on how to decorate it. If you’re especially handy with a needle (or you have a friend who is!), make a cross-stitch banner saying “Merry Christmas” to wrap around the sides of your cake…then frost the top with snowy white and invite a snowman to come aboard. If you’re not “crafty” though, don’t despair — buy figures for the top of your cake, and it’ll still be company-ready. On the other hand, try “non-cake-shapes” such as stacks of “boxes” or giant “ornament” circles, and you’ll wow your guests for sure.

If you’re good with fondant, you can make holly leaves, red bows, blue and silver stars, polar bears — even Angry Birds or Winnie the Pooh! Candy shapes are available for things like sleighs, strings of reindeer, or a sliver of a moon; or get creative with fruit and make little elfin “hats” out of strawberries. And how about people who have birthdays at Christmastime? Blend Christmas and birthday cakes with a white icing base and add other decorations in the person’s favorite colors; bring in some Christmas trims either on the cake or around its base. (P.S. Don’t forget to write “Happy Birthday” on those cakes!) Whatever colors or designs you pick…Christmas cakes can be some of the best you’ll make all year. Have fun with them!

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