a hotel under water in Dubai,

Building a hotel under water in Dubai, which might appear as a hideout the bad guys in James Bond films. This hotel, which is called 'Water desk' There is a half-submerged 21 conference room at a depth of 10 meters under the water overlooking the life inherent under the sea surface. The building consists of two hard drives - one of them is under water and the other over the water are linked with three legs slot solid Helicopter containing an elevator ودرجا. And near the rooms robot submarine dive center and bar. There is a special lighting system to shed light on the plant and animal life abroad. Guest rooms are equipped with the highest technology that allows zoom in and scrutiny even Smallest creatures. It features Top disk has a restaurant, a club, a spa and a huge swimming pool for those who wish to enjoy the sunshine that hotel Water deskis the first hotel in the world under the water but hotel) rangalyIsland Resort Maldives) is I . The Maldives announced a plan to build a floating golf course on the islands and corridors under water to move between the islands.

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