Tips for designing decorative entrance of the house

The front entrance to the house , which is known from which guests taste -General of the House , for every woman treading in the selection of decorative entrance to the house ; offer a range of attractive and interesting ideas that you can easily choose from .
These ideas include:
• Place a medium-sized mirror in a classic style with a small table by planting pots , but in the big Risabashn ; Fajtara white and orange together to one side of the walls, so be longitudinal lines with earth -colored natural wood .
• If you do not like to put a lot of things at the entrance of the house , choose the floor of the parquet , and light gray or snowy white to the wall , put a table mid-size and choose a dark brown color , then put down the table a set of shelves that can put the shoes in when Login guests.
• Women's process , choose a white color to the wall and then my bookshelf to put anything you want it saved , Hang wooden boxes for archiving purposes and to develop its keys , in addition to that you can hang a mirror next to a medium-sized wooden box .
• Women's quiet , you can choose the color beige for the walls of the entrance to the house with the introduction of the white color of the roof edges of the walls from the bottom , and door decoration you can hang Frame with large black and white on one side of the wall and the suspension of more than one frame is small in size on the other side .
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