Sort dining table - Beware of these mistakes


Errors that may occur in everyday life on the dining table !
- Make sure the cleanliness of the table completely before placing them tools , and while it is not necessary to put canvas placemats on the table , but if you do you assess the classic banquet , do not confuse colors placemats Ngton If you are more of a table.
- Make sure the number of people , so that the correct number Bring tools with cups, napkins , dishes are mindful that the whole arrangement is broken parties and not tanned , as it should be all the same color and any Nakech itself .
- Do not confuse the basic dishes , fruits and sweets on the table , after the end of the sitting of the dining and main dishes , then Tzilun dishes and foods , and small dishes Tjelbon own fruits and sweets .
- Make sure that the forks and knives is broken or crooked parties , free of stains and rust.

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