More Strange 10 buildings in the world - architecture

10 Strange Buildings that will Blow Your Mind
More exotic buildings in the world - architecture
Architecture has always been a way of creating useful buildings that have had durability, utility and beauty. From the ancient times there have been architects that were innovating and designing strange, yet beautiful buildings. The modern era is bringing some new futurist buildings that are even strangest to us. Thats because we are used to watch those designs that have been created in the history.

Today architects compte who will create the most interesting building that is new to us and never have been designed by another person. Some use different and strong colors, others are flipping the building upside down, thirds try to innovate something futuristic and imaginary. All of them always amuse us, and get some great attention.

Aqua Building, Downtown Chicago, Illinois

English-American Library, Nice, France

ex Lutheran Church on 23rd Street, San Francisco, California

Happy RIZZI House, Braunschweig, Germany

Melting Building, 39 Avenue George V, Paris

Ravensbourne (college), North Greenwich, London, UK

Ray and Maria Stata Center, MIT, Massachusetts

Selfridges Building, Birmingham, UK

 Strange Building, Caracas, Venezuela
 Wonderworks in Pigeon Forge, Tennessee

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