Important tips to care for wooden furniture

Important tips to care for wooden furniture
Wood is the material most famous and popular in the furniture industry , and is hardly devoid of any house of wood furnishings , to the elegant appearance and ease of handling .

But the wood can be exposed to many of the factors that You damage , so it is necessary to take some necessary actions , especially when cleaning upholstery, these tips will help a group to handle , according to the newspaper " Times of India " :

  1. protect the wood from water , juice and other liquids and food waste and cosmetics , where that can be absorbed by the wood and leaves stains deformation appearance , plus they cause putrefaction with time.
  2. maintaining a clean wooden surfaces of the furniture from dust and dirt by using a vacuum cleaner for this purpose, or a piece of dry cloth cleaned out regularly , and for wood coated lacquer used teak oil for cleaning , and the surfaces of heavily soiled wet the cloth with warm water with cleaning fluid suitable and wipes by soiled areas and then dried immediately .
  3. can remove dirt , sticky spots such as tea, coffee, using a cloth wet rub softly and then dried with a dry cloth , preferably experimentation on the part of the furniture hidden in the beginning.
  4. must paint the wood with wax or paint annually to maintain its luster , and helps to protect it from humidity and weather factors , and to prevent the accumulation of wax can be used to piece cloth dampened with mineral oil , and must protect the hands and eyes during coating, and can be used specialists to get the best results , especially in the details small .

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