Thursday, April 24, 2014

Green: The best colors for a modern house design

Green: The best colors for a modern house design
Change the colors of home decor is more what could renew its appearance, and is a green color of the most beautiful colors that you can add to your home decor, especially if the furniture was a modern style.

 In the living room you can choose wallpaper embossed in green for one of the walls, with accessories in neutral colors such as white or ivory, and you can repeat a degree other than green in one piece of furniture

If classic modern furniture, and you're reluctant to use green color in the furniture or walls, you can be experimental in the curtains, carpets, walls and furniture with neutral
In the dining room, can green convenient for the same that converts to an extension of nature with simple furnishings, by decorating the wood part of the wall or busy wallpaper, green vegetable carvings