Great ideas to exploit the spaces in small houses

Great ideas to exploit the spaces in small houses
Many of us suffer from the large number of things and the lack of places used to hide these things, here's the catch beloved home are some ways to take advantage of all the pillars of the house , especially since the house was narrow

First, and most important for us at home , especially women , a kitchen you these beautiful ideas :
If put your wash basin Kitchen Cupboard angle to exploit the space bad as much as possible :

 Or that are hiding in the drawer of the oven so do not take up much space from the surface of the cupboard and usage for other purposes :

Here are some ideas for the bathroom
Despite that this basin came corner , but that the large size of the window nearby and lighting decoration wast significantly: 

These are some ideas to exploit the spaces narrow rooms and corridors of some home: 

But here you can put all your things in this drawer and thus combines adorn the room and save your things at the same time :
As the funds , for example, such a great benefit to save all the stuff unwanted appearance of people and keeping the place tidy and clean : 
 Either of these sofas are wonderful works to save clothing or other purposes , and are also used for seating :

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