Choose the decoration and design of the room


Successful room that containing more than one source of lighting including illumination of the ceiling.

* Flooring must be darker than the color of the roof, so better start choosing your home ground and then gradually select colors of the walls and ceiling.

** If you are in the process of moving to a new home you should plan ahead for the General form of an entire room,
They draw on paper the measurements and how the distribution of chairs and sofas
And tables to emphasise the vision you have to get the measurements for the perfect couch if you want to buy a new sofa, for example, couch that you will find in store relatively small sometimes big and bulky and not suitable for space
The room to be furnished.
When you create a room, get out all the furniture and paint the walls,
Then enter the furniture and paint color
Will decide which piece of furniture you can use and which ones you can do without.

** Choose the colors used to integrate with each other
So you can move from room to room without feeling alienated chromatic phenomenon, either from painted walls
Or colors of furniture and their precursors.


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