Tuesday, April 8, 2014

10 Tactics To Upsize Tiny Kitchen

Do you love your kitchen? and need bigger one.. But not a nouph money to get new one! here we offer you with great ideas and ways to upsize your small kitchen.
Take a look at these 10 tactics to upsize your tiny kitchen:

Use the inside of your cabinet doors

Cabinet doors have so much valuable real estate to store spices, measuring cups, and anything small you can think of.

Use an over-the-sink cutting board

Use up every bit of space you can while preparing a big meal.

Hack your fake drawers

You know those drawers in the kitchen that aren't actually drawers? Remove them and replace with a paper towel holder to save counter space.

Use every single bit of wall space

Your kitchen may be tiny, but there's still a lot of wall space to use.

Use a pegboard to store pots and pans

Free up some storage space by hanging your pots and pans on a pegboard.

Use a Lazy Susan for corner storage

Maximize your storage in those hard to reach areas by installing a Lazy Susan that will make everything so much more convenient.

Install a built-in dish rack over your sink

Save some counter space and have your drying dishes neatly tucked away with this innovative idea.

Ditch the knife block

Free up counter space with a magnetic knife strip.

Turn your fridge into a spice rack

Clear out some cupboard space and use the unused space on your refrigerator door.