The ceramic art , wall , bathroom .

The ceramic art workshop Alicia Guerrero is located in Malaga, Spain , where he made murals on ceramic tiles handcrafted in any size and style , a taste of the customers. The cooking of all the tiles to 980 º C , ensuring the quality , strength and durability of the parts in any weather .

Alicia Guerrero enters the world of artistic ceramics when he meets Manuel Rodríguez Luna . After a long period of training, his professional career began in 1995 with the creation of their own craft workshop , focusing on the design and development of ceramic tile murals and custom parallel conducting exclusive collectibles .
Its ceramic workshop is where energy and creativity merge to provide a high quality handmade product with the most current design .
Gradually his works have carved a niche in the market, thanks to the excellent quality of their work , as well as the formality of their services.
Since 1997 with the collaboration of Natalia Fernandez. Both form a competent team, able to deliver large jobs .

contact :
My name is Alicia Guerrero and I’m spanish ceramist.
Just wanted to show my work handcraffed murals.
This is my facebook:
My web:
Thank you very much
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