Perfect Conversation Pits and Sunken Sitting Areas in Your Home!


Perfect Conversation Pits and Sunken Sitting Areas in Your Home
Perfect Conversation Pits and Sunken Sitting Areas in Your Home
!   1. The outdoor pits ready for late night talks around the little table with candles can be the perfect solution for spending the night with your loved ones.


2. The circular conversation pit will look amazing in the center of the living area. With the rounded fireplace this could be the perfect way for creating moments of romance.


3. Whenever you decide to build your own house that has the perfect garden or if the house is located in a picturesque natural resort and the outdoor has much to offer, the smartest idea is to locate your sitting area next to the windows. You will never need the contemporary electronics.


4. To accent the comfort in your rectangle shaped area, make sure to use a lot of pillows and lovely warm colors, especially if the design is covered in white.


5. For an elegant solution make sure the colors of the conversation pit match the décor in the house.


6. For all those who love to experiment a bit, the conversation pits as part of your pool area, will leave the impression of floating elements in the water.


7. Having fresh colors, many pillows, rocks, candles and different kinds of plants, is the perfect combination for creating the typical Mediterranean sunken sitting area in your backyard.


Whenever you decide to create your home, you may want to go back thorough this article and come up with an idea and a lovely solution. We’ll be happy if we helped …



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