Great Ideas for perfuming the house!

Great Ideas for perfuming the house! Do you want to perfuming your home and make it a perfume smells all the time? ? ? Try us on Culture and Science brilliant ideas coming to perfume the house

• perfuming bed bedroomIf you want to Tatra bed bedroom smell lasts for several days , Vahdhara Old cloth and soak in water mixed with perfume , which reportedly Tfdilanh , and leave for a full day , and then leave it to dry , and then my sharshaf under the bed mattress and Enjoy the smell !
• method of perfuming pillows and sofas
To add a pleasant aroma of pillows and sofas Bring a "shot " or " syringe " and fill it perfume which Tfdilanh , then Agersai age of the syringe in the pillow or padding the couch , and you can also preached a few musk or " Perfume lute " and put it in a bag of lace fabric , and enter it in the bag Pad or in filling the couch .• perfuming the house vacuumed :
Clean the vacuum inside a well , and shake the dust from the bag broom , and are exposing the broom to the air for half an hour so Tthuy well , wash bag vacuum with water and perfumed clothes ( Alkmfort ) or water laced with aromatic oil , such as peppermint oil , which adds a refreshing scent , and can also put amount of musk ground inside a broom or vacuum bag perfuming Batrk favorite , and when you turn on the vacuum smell will spread everywhere in the room as a result of payment of air freshener .• method of perfuming all rooms of the house
For perfuming all rooms of the house smell you do like , my point of fragrance which Tfdilanh the bulb lighting an extinguisher , and that in each of the rooms of the house . When a light bulb will spread the smell of perfume which it was developed , and that the heat produced by the body of the lamp , which will lead to the evaporation of the fragrance.
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