Conditioned clothes fan operate 11 hours! !( Made in Japan )

Conditioned clothes fan  operate 11 hours! !( Made in Japan )

The garment manufacturers to install a fan inside of the garment , to generate a nice stream of air inside a person's clothes to mitigate the heat of summer ! !True it does not look elegant but who cares in this free unbearable ? ! !His idea is strange company"Kuchowoko"  for clothing, and the company says that more costumes selling sports jacket is fitted fan  !Maybe now you can think of a question : Who will wear the jacket in the summer? ! !Here lies the idea "Kuchowoko" which says : What the need to adapt the whole room that could have been air about the place where a person only ? ! !So this jacket works cover surrounds the person applies for inside the air generated by the fans !The company expects to sell this year, 40,000 pieces of clothing " conditioned " , and the company's sales have increased considerably after the government asked the Japanese factories and businesses reduce their consumption of electricity by 15% in order to avoid cutting off electricity ." This remarkable return clothing industry for the period , which stopped the Japanese "Fukushima" nuclear reactor twelve summer , which led to the weakness of the power supply, so the Japanese could not use air conditioners to meet their needs in order to save electricity
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