ceramic for the wall decor


The first one "blue and white big fish" is one of our product in China . the framed wall decor is made by Ceramic tile , but this is differenct with the traditional ceramic tile .,since it is thin ,light and stong .the size could be more big with high resolution .customized is welcome .

The second picture " sculpture ceramic tile"  is also made by ceramic tile with special craft .we sculpt it the lotus in the ceramic ,this craft you could see in many place .but our new technique is different .you could check the third picture "messed glaze ceramic" we invented this technique ,this is not sculpture ,we call it messed glaze ceramic . the effect and this technique  is sole  in the world at the moment .

As  you know ,ceramic is a  enviromental material .it is not harm to health . we could put it anywhere for the wall decor .

If you want to know more info ,please contact me .thank you!


Email :jijiollila@gmail.com
Website : www.dztty.com

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